Quarantine-inspired Photography

Quarantine-inspired Photography Trends

Photographers from all over the world are suffering due to the pandemic. They deal with travel restrictions and get fewer commercial contracts. Large events can’t take place and fewer and fewer people book professional photo sessions. Photojournalists face increased risks and have to be more cautious than ever. Even during this hard time, photography can comfort and support communities. Photographers can still make a living if they adapt to change and find new ways to express their creativity. Below we will discuss some quarantine-inspired photography trends.

Documenting the Global Pandemic

In the last couple of months, many photographers focused on the current situation and transform themselves into documentary photographers. Limited to a single town or region, photographers from all over the world turned their lenses to the pandemic and show its effects. They photograph empty cities, people wearing masks, and medical personnel. They also show people’s anxiety, social issues, and the impact of the pandemic on the environment. Photographers no longer look for exotic subject matters or travel in remote locations. Instead, they’ve become the voice of their community. See for example the work of John Hryniuk, a Toronto-based photographer, who documents daily life during the pandemic.

Personal projects instead of commercial projects

Having fewer commercial projects, photographers have more time for personal projects. They can experiment with new techniques and improve their editing skills without leaving their homes. You can see an increase in creativity and more artistic projects than usual. Photography trends focus on feelings, atmosphere, artistic effects, and art. Without the benefits of a unique subject matter, photographers find new ways to express themselves and are more engaged with their works.

Quarantine-inspired Photography

Photo by Annie Spratt

Virtual Photoshoots

Many photographers can’t make a living without attending weddings and professional photo sessions. Their income relies entirely on wedding photos, portraits, and family photos. So they came up with virtual photoshoots. A virtual photoshoot is a video conference during which the subject poses and the photographer takes pictures. People benefit from professional photos from the safety of their homes and receive prints and albums directly at their door.

Photo by Allen Taylor

Whether we like it or not, life goes on and we have to find new ways to cope with the current situation. Many industries are deeply affected by the pandemic; photography is one of them. It’s an irreversible process and all we can do is adjust our lifestyle and hope for the best. Photography has always been part of people’s lives and it continues to support us, raise awareness, and express the most intimate feelings.

Cover photo by Edwin Hooper

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