Fuji XT-2

Why I chose the Fuji X-T2

Once or twice in a decade, a company releases a product that takes things to a whole new level.

The Fuji X-T2 is the Bee’s Knees, the King of the Hill, the Cat’s Meow and the best thing since sliced bread.


Everything costs money and it is the value we are looking for, otherwise, we would all just buy Leica’s. This camera is a “Professional Body”. This is a loose term, but the Fuji X-T2 has the following professional features:

  • Weather sealing
  • Dual high-speed Memory card slots
  • Accurate Electronic viewfinder
  • Deep and balanced grip
  • Well balanced body
  • Solid construction
  • Plenty of dials and customizable buttons
  • Low Noise APS-C sensor
  • Boost mode

How does it feel in action? It feels Awesome! I was one of the pioneers who purchased the camera early and I felt that there were some improvements that needed to be made regarding the Firmware, most importantly the way to control the Exposure triangle (Shutter, ISO, and Aperture).

The Exposure Triangle is physically changed by turning various dials that can be seen from looking at the top of the camera. This is different from most modern cameras that use a digital display. Fuji used the “Old school” Ranger type controls. This way, the user can see the settings without having to turn on the camera. Also, for photographers switching from other brands of camera, they can easily change the settings without having to familiarize themselves with the camera menus. Well, my issue and that of many users were that they wanted another way to control these settings that were similar to the modern DSLR cameras. Fuji listened to user feedback and has released two Firmware updates allowing the settings to be changed by both the top dials and the regular control wheels. What an amazing company.


This camera looks a lot like the old style professional film cameras. As a bonus, you can slap on some electrical tape over the Logo and it people won’t notice your brand Professional camera. It also has an optional Battery Grip to extend the battery life. But the grip goes beyond just battery power. It has extra inputs for microphone and things, extends recording time and Full Boost Mode. It also improves the grip and balance of the camera as well as making it bigger. Sometimes clients expect to see a Big looking camera to give them confidence in your brand.

The Fuji X-T2 is reliable and it has to be if it is to be used by paid professionals who need results rather than excuses. Weather sealing means that work can continue until the very last moment before an unpredictable storm or an unpredictable wave or splash from the shoot. Dual high-speed memory card slots and generous buffer means you do not have to slow down your action to wait for your gear. And there is a second slot for backup in case of file corruption. Do memory cards corrupt often? It is possible. Many of the high-speed cards come with five-year warranties, which is longer than the camera itself. But the risk is always there and the job is always worth more than the card itself. Anyhow, the risk is somewhat negated by using two memory cards.

Boost Mode

What is boost mode? Boost mode is kind of the opposite of “economy” mode. This camera has ridiculously long battery life thanks to its clever Fuji technology, but it also is able to focus on Performance with complete disregard of battery life. How good is the battery? Fuji says it can do three hundred photos on a single charge. But I have done well over a thousand. In fact, before Fuji, I was using another brand of camera with a “600 shot capacity battery” and I could easily finish three batteries. So I bought six Fuji batteries.

When I shoot 100% boost mode, meaning boosted autofocus, and viewfinder performance, I rarely finish two batteries. Even for a fashion runway show or a full day of wedding shooting. The battery grip holds two batteries, so it is possible to go out with a fully loaded grip and shoot all day with plenty of battery power even in Full boost mode. Of course, one keeps a spare in the camera bag.


Who is this camera for? This Fuji X-T2 is aimed at Professionals who Need a good, reliable camera. This camera is a favorite of amateurs and hobbyists who have fallen in love with its style and colors.

If you would like a comprehensive guide for the X-T2 check this one out.


Lu Jia Chen is a French-Malaysian photographer based in the Holiday Island of Penang. I look for the best in people… then I take the photo. Check me out on Instagram here.

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