Hone Your Skills as a Wedding Photographer

Tips to Hone Your Skills as a Wedding Photographer and Give Your Clients the Best Experience Ever

Are you a wedding photographer? Well, then you need to attentively go through this blog because here are some of the best and most practical tips that will help you take your game to whole new level as far as wedding photography goes. This is simply done from an expert’s point of view and, therefore, you can take anything herein to the bank and thank me later.

It must be said that professional photography, just is the case in wedding photography, should leave the client with that ‘wow feeling’. That will go a long way in you, as a photographer, getting more referrals from satisfied clients.

But first things first! You must be wondering how you can improve your skills as a wedding photographer and stand out from the large pool of photographer who are almost everywhere nowadays. Well, it is certainly not rocket-science! You only need to learn and master a few tricks and skills here and there that are instrumental in leaving your clients fully satisfied. So, what are some of these skills? They are as follows:

Know and understanding your gear

There is no doubt that you must not only know but also understand your photography hear inside and out. No short cut about that. You should not experiment with new gear or try out some new settings on or at a wedding lest you stand to disappoint big time.


Proper lighting is undoubtedly key to any professional photography. Gamble with that at your own peril. However, it is obvious that different photographers have different approaches on matters lighting. But the bottom line is the fact that you can manipulate and control lighting to achieve exactly that experience that you or your client wants. For instance, you can opt to use multiple sources of light.


To seasoned photographers, the framing skill is simply a must have for anybody looking forward to establishing themselves as renowned photographers. This is one of the photography skills that you will need to refine from time to time especially given the fact that weddings can really very fast and once you miss out on a moment it is gone just like that. Take a moment before pressing the shutter button and ensure that the framing is right.

So, how can you give your clients the best of experiences that they ever had with your wedding photography? It is not rocket-science either. Just follow these simple but extremely important tips.


Go out of your way to make sure you’ve known the venue, the best spots and positions to take your pictures, and even the light and weather. Once you know all these, you will definitely be on top of your game.

Have backup for both files and gear

Have a backup for your gear as well as photos. Avoid a scenario whereby you can lose literally everything just by one simple and unforeseen mistake.

Get a mentor and attend workshops

This cannot be overemphasized. Do a lot of research on what is trending and make a point of attending wedding photography related workshops to not only network but also horn your skills as well.

Hire an agent

In the event that you cannot handle the volume of clients that you are having, just take a step and hire an agent to do that for you. That way, you will avoid disappointing your clients and potentials.

There you go! It is that simple but very practical.

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