lack and white photography

Reasons to do black and white photography

Maybe it sounds strange that some people choose to shoot in black and white when technology made possible so many colors. But there are some good reasons for black and white photography. Think of Ansel Adams and Henri Cartier Bresson, to begin with. But many others follow their steps and stubborn to shoot only in black and white. Here are some reasons to embrace this kind of photography.

Black and white photography is art

When you photograph colors, you replicate reality. When you photograph in black and white, you deliberate eliminate something from reality and impose a different perspective. People don’t see in black and white. Showing them this dimension of reality, colorless, you construct a story, a poem. So black and white photography is considered a form of creative art.

Is no wonder that exhibitions are still selling this kind of photography. It’s graphic, deep, and decorative. It can be easily displayed in any room and will automatically attract the eye. It has the power to conquer, to charm, to break hearts.

Black and white photography is perfect for urban landscape

In urban landscape, congestion of elements can be hard to handle. A crowded photograph, with many points of attractions, can be use in newspapers, but not as an element of design. This is why black and white photography has a huge success in this area. By eliminating color, you give priority to architecture, to geometry, and patterns. Textures and shadows are also very well put in focus. This leads us to the next reason why black and white photography can be a very good choice.

Focus on composition

Color is beautiful, joyful, and attractive. It allows you to hide some composition mistakes, to camouflage some technical mistakes. When light explodes in a rainbow bunch of rays, the viewer will forgive you with a melted heart. But when you don’t have color in your picture, everything is visible. Noise, bad exposure, too much or too less contrast, unbalanced composition, you can not hide anything. Black and white photography makes you pay attention to every detail. In the end, it makes you an expert. Trying to deliver amazing pictures in black and white is the masterpiece of photography.

The emotions

Black and white photography is powerful. It tells so much about its subject that sometimes it is overwhelming. It might be connected with the beginning of photography and cinematography or it might just be its own magic. When you are photographing people, their faces tell all the secrets. Wrinkles, smiles, hair, everything looks different and very emotional. In a black and white picture the photographer puts a small piece of his/hers heart. The photographer truly believes in the picture and enforce you to see the story. Its impact is powerful even when its just a detail picture, showing just an object, a part of the body, a tree. There is something dramatic and theatrical.


Maybe the most important reason to photograph in black and white is that it gives you the possibility of being authentic. It gives you the chance to expose yourself, to show your wisdom and vision. There aren’t many amazing photographers who dare to shoot in black and white. You can be one of them, but you have to have the courage to try and the patience

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