Keep it Simple

Keep it Simple in Photography

Any photographer wants to catch the perfect moment in terms of timing, composition, and lighting. A photographer is always thinking to fill the frame with interesting subjects, to match the proper background, and to have the appropriate exposure. Sometimes less is more. Sometimes, the best picture you can take is a simple one, with no fuzzy subjects and no crowded background. In photography, “keep it simple” goes from the minimalist concept to the general advice of preserving a clean picture. Here are some tips for those who enjoy a simple, but impressive photography.


Simple photographs are a challenge. By simple, it doesn’t mean it has to be dull. The story is still there, but you are telling it with just one or two elements. When you want simple photos you have to watch a lot. Extract the feature that best tells your story. It can be a details, a part of an object, or just a patch of color. There are no rules. Be subtle, but don’t lose the message. This kind of photography might request a lot of practice, but that’s the fun in it.

Design patterns

Sometimes, a simple picture is just an decorative object. There is no story to tell, just beauty to admire. Focus on colors, shapes, textures, and patterns. Follow lines and silhouettes. Use strong colors and the contrast between them. In this category goes everything that pleases the eye.

Use technique to keep out disturbing elements

If you really want a simple picture and the scenery wants differently, use the technique to achieve your goal. You can always blur the background with a large aperture. Get close to your subject or use telephoto lenses. The best way to achieve a good picture is to be careful with the composition. But if this didn’t work as expected, you can always cut things out in post processing.

Not everyone likes it

Some say that the compositions will become more complex when the photographer will acquire more skills. But the beauty of simplicity is the art of telling a lot with just a few elements. The number of elements in a picture is not a proof of professionalism or of hard working. Sometimes minimalism is more complicated and demanding. But, photography is a subjective art and you can always find people who don’t appreciate what you do. The critique will always make you stronger though. So don’t be discouraged and follow your intuition.

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