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Instagram Alternatives for Photographers

If you analyze Instagram’s statistics for 2019, you’ll notice that businesses get the lion’s share. Not only that more than 75% of U.S. businesses are on Instagram, but they have the most viewed stories. And how could they not have them when companies can afford big budgets for advertising and teams of experts to manage their accounts? With that said here are some Instagram Alternatives we think you should consider.

It seems that the world of social media is dominated by advertising and businesses.  You need to spend more time figuring out the algorithms of Instagram, the best tags, and the most efficient ways to showcase your work. In these conditions, how can an independent photographer, with no advertising budget and social media skills, be seen and noticed? The answer isn’t Instagram but other social media platforms; the ones designed for artists. Here are the best Instagram alternatives for photographers.


YouPic is a great place to showcase your photos, see the work of other artists, and interact with a community of photographers. You won’t have the large audience Instagram gives you but you’ll have an audience that cares about photography, advised feedback, and a great source of inspiration.

YouPic allows you to publish 10 pictures for free and encourage you to give all the details (location, description, camera, lens, settings, etc.). You can follow photographers with the same interests as you, rate and comment on their pictures, and receive feedback in terms of composition, technical skills, subject matter, and creativity.

While YouPic is a great place to exhibit your photos, it’s also a place where you can learn photography and even sell your photos. Paid accounts have access to online photography courses and tools for getting hired. Moreover, you can admire the work of famous photographers such as Steve McCurry, David Yarrow, and Joel Meyerowitz.

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Behance is another social media platform dedicated to artists. It includes photographers, photo editors, graphic designers, illustrators, architects, fashion and product designers, and many more. Behance is a creative community, supportive and fun. Here you can see amazing projects and display yours, find friends and inspiration.

Behance is owned by Adobe. As a result, you’ll find great support for Adobe photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. You’ll also find a job list.

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If you want a space for more than just displaying photos, Exposure is what you need. Exposure is a social media platform dedicated to people with stories. It provides space for showcasing photos and writing the stories behind them. While it isn’t just for photographers, Exposure attracts many travel photographers and photojournalists.

This isn’t just another social media platform although you can build an audience and interact with people. Exposure allows you to reveal your soul, inspiration, and reasons. It gives you tools to share text, photos, maps, videos, and content from other platforms. Exposure is a complete blogging solution and it’s great for building brands and revealing your artistic personality.

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Give up the big numbers of Instagram and focus on quality. Photography is a personal journey. Keep learning and growing as an artist and the fame will find you. Appreciate the feedback given by professionals even if you have just one comment. Instagram alternatives are here to help you better understand your goals, skills, and photos.

Cover photo by Einar Storsul on Unsplash

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