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Easter Photography Ideas

Easter is a religious holiday in Christianity, celebrated at the beginning of spring. Each Christian confession has its own traditions and ways of celebrating Easter. There are, of course, common points like going to church, visiting relatives, and painting eggs. Here are some of our favorite Easter Photography ideas

Easter is a great opportunity for a photographer. You can take family photos, explore candid photography, and observe traditional arts and food. Instead of focusing on Easter rabbits and chocolate eggs you can approach some fresh perspectives and create unique compositions. Here’s a list of ideas to help you start your Easter photo adventure.

Candles and religious processions

Easter is one of the most meaningful Christian holiday. The midnight Mass gathers many people coming to get light. They leave church with lit candles. These processions are an opportunity to take night photos and photograph glowing candles and faces. Document Easter as it begins, in a church, at midnight.

Use wide lenses and fast shutter speeds to have sharp pictures. Use a tripod if you can to avoid camera shake and increase ISO as much as possible. Don’t use flash, just the candle light. Choose long exposures if you want to create atmosphere and a more artful style.

Candle in front of a hand

Photo by Ai Nhan on Unsplash

Crafts and traditions

Decorated eggs are probably the most famous Easter icon. They are painted at home, almost always in red. But in some countries decorating Easter eggs is an art. You’ll find eggs decorated with beads, wax, and wool. You’ll find complex designs, traditional motifs, and meaningful colors. Visit local fairs and workshops and document the art of decorating Easter eggs.

Fill the frame with patters and textures. Get really close or use a telephoto lens to capture the smallest details. A color enhancing filter will help you increase color contrast. Don’t use flash, it can cause flares and strange reflections.

Creative Easter Egg

Food feast

Easter features many special foods. Every region and country have their own culinary treats. Experiment food photography and document the Easter feast. Use natural light, but avoid direct sunshine. Try different shooting angles until you find the right one for your dish. Clean the background using a shallow depth of field. Keep the composition simple. In food photography your aim is to make food look delicious.

Outdoor activities

This spring holiday gets people out of their houses. Blossomed trees and green scenery are perfect for outdoor activities. Photographing people in motion is fun and rewarding. Use a fast camera and a tripod. Fast shutter speeds are a must. Experiment panning technique and follow the subject with the camera to keep it in focus.Easter gives you a wide range of subjects. From the serenity of Easter Mass to the fun of a spring holiday, Easter allows you to practice many types of photography. Let the holiday inspire you and find the atmosphere and the perspective that suits you best. Emerge in different cultures and traditions and add some local flavor to your travel photographs. Easter is an opportunity to expand your horizon and express your photographer voice

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