photos in the rain

Taking photos in the rain

All photographers are hunting for the perfect weather. Golden hours, perfect sky, and sunny weather are just a few of their preferred moments. But are they really? To put some atmosphere in a photo you need more than a blue sky and sunshine. You need drama and adventure. You need a picturesque decor and authenticity. So get outside and take pictures even when is raining. Take advantage of rain because it is spectacular and it offers unique opportunities for photography. Here are some tips to take good photos in the rain.

Keep your camera dry

This is essential. Keep your camera safe and dry. Use a rain cover, a plastic bag, or an umbrella. It doesn’t matter how expensive is, but how efficient is. Cameras are electronic devices and usually they don’t work very good in water. Keep that in mind and take care of your gear. If the rain catch you by surprise and you are not prepared for it, take pictures from inside your car or from inside a shop. Use an eaves or a tree to protect you from the rain. Nevertheless, do not give up on taking pictures. As a general method of protection you can use a UV filter for your lens. It won’t influence the picture’s quality and it will give your lens an extra protection.

Rain drops

Some of the most appreciated effects when it comes to rain stays in rain drops. You can find them on everything: leaves, flowers, cars, windows, clothing etc. They add some small reflections and rainbows. In a rain drop you can catch an entire world. Play with light and colors. Get close to rain drops and use them as the main subject of your picture.


Rain is also very appreciated for those who look for reflections. It can be a puddle on the street lighted by cars’ flashes or just wet cobblestone. Look for silhouettes and observe carefully their reflexion. Also, reflected lights are something special in the rain. A melodramatic ’80s movie effect will add glamor to your portfolio.

Urban life

Everything is changing in the rain. People have different moods and their usual rhythm changes. Observe. Find a dry place in a coffee shop and just observe the streets and the people. Rainy days are one of the best for street photography. The darkness of the weather in contrast with colorful raincoats and umbrellas is a delight. It also helps you to shoot in motion, because it needs a slower shutter speed. Observe and explore all the opportunities that lies in front of you.


Rainy days are also good for portraits. Yes, people won’t stay in the rain happy to be your subjects, but they will be more expressive than usual. Rain arouses feelings. If you are looking carefully, you’ll see angry people, happy children splashing around, people in a hurry or people just enjoying the fresh smell of rain.

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