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World Press Photo Contest 2018 has announced the nominees

The World Press Photo Foundation offers every year one of the most important awards in photojournalism and multimedia storytelling. Founded in 1955 in Amsterdam, Netherlands, World Press Photo Contest becomes more important every year. The power of visual journalism is constantly increasing in a world of social media, quick photo sharing, and multimedia technology.

World Press Photo Contest is dedicated to journalists from all over the world, who published visual moments or stories in the last year. The contest’s categories are Contemporary Issues, Environment, General News, Long-Term Projects, Nature, People, Sports, and Spot News. Every photographer has something to learn from this contest, even if journalism is not his/her job. The impact of these visual stories is amazing. You can find in the history, lifestyle, beauty, wildlife, excitement, sadness, and so much more. The photographs from World Press Photo Contest are always a lesson.

About  World Press Photo Contest 2018

Recently, World Press Photo Contest 2018 has announced the nominees. The choice was difficult because the jury had to choose between 73 004 pictures coming from 4548 photographers from 22 countries. You can find here the nominee pictures, from all categories. Some of them will be the winners of the 61st World Press Photo Contest. The winners will be announced on 12th of April 2018 in Amsterdam.

Like every year, the winning photographs will be part of an itinerary exhibition which will travel around the world.

The impact

Maybe the most important aspect of this contest is the focus on contemporary problems. Looking at these images you have a visual state-of-the-art for every social issue that came to attention. Among many subjects, in the last years, wars, refugees, terrorist attacks, environmental degradation, violation of human rights seem to be in the spotlight. This raises a big question on humanity and how it evolves.

As a photographer, you choose your subject. It can be a beautiful one or a commercial one. But it can also be something that really matters. When you look through the camera’s viewfinder you shouldn’t see only a good composition that respects all the rules and has perfect exposure. You should see people, nature, animals, you should see pain or happiness, you should understand and tell their stories. A photographer needs to be empathic and needs to reflect the subject’s point of view. Not judgmental, but impartial and supportive. A camera is a powerful tool. Use it wise.


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