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Various Styles of Wedding Photograph

Wedding photography is almost as important as the ceremony itself. If it goes wrong, your D-Day turns into a disaster and totally spoils the mood! You need to choose the photographer carefully – research thoroughly online by reading reviews and testimonials, talking to them, getting quotes, etc.

In this article, we will discuss the different styles of wedding photography, so you can decide the one best suited for you. Take a look:


The story is told through the photographs and emphasis is taken off of the typical posed and planned pictures. It relies more on candid clicks and capturing moments as they happen without any fixed strategy. The photographer shoots from the sidelines, as the goal is to be as unobtrusive as possible. This style of photography is finding and clicking those definite moments of significance that often pass by too quickly. It is more like a documentary of the wedding.


The conventional approach to wedding photography is to click pictures in several poses. It means more involvement of the photographer as many of the portraits are set up and posed. It is up to the photographer to guide the wedding party and guests into formations and poses for photos. Caution should be exercised so people don’t look stiff or uncomfortable in the group or individual pictures.


The term is self-explanatory – this style of wedding photography often requires more time than usual which is why couples book studio time outside of a normal wedding day shoot. This gives a little extra time to the photographer to structure a session by incorporating more lighting and creative techniques.


This is a variation of photojournalistic styles. The professionals allow the moments to unfold around them and click. Professionals have a keen eye for candid moments and can interpret those moments through the photography. This style is very good for those who want to spend more time with loved ones on their wedding day, instead of posing for pictures continuously.


This style involves various angles, creative backgrounds, lights and unique composition of latest technologies and innovation. It is up to the photographer to conduct research on the scenes and work towards incorporating a special touch. The objective is to create a fantastic mood causing sometimes an edgy or mysterious look in the pictures.

Gone through the various wedding photography styles? Think hard before deciding your preferred style. Talk to the photographer and iron out all details beforehand.


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