autumn colors

Take Advantage of Autumn Colors

Most photographers have some autumn pictures in his or her portfolio. Autumn colors are saturated, bright, and unique. Autumn is the best season to photograph trees and forests but is also great for landscapes of all kinds, mountains trips, or a day at the park. Here is some advice to achieve the perfect autumn photo.

Choose a beautiful place

For some lucky people, autumn is happening just outside the window. But if you are not one of them or you are living in a crowded gray city, spend some time looking for a beautiful place. It could be deep into the mountains, in wild areas, or in the countryside. Choose a place with hills, forests, endless natural landscape. Autumn is profound, dramatic, and explosive. Take some wide lens and let it come into your pictures.

Choose The Best Moment Of The Day

For autumn, there are two moments of the day when the light is perfect: sunrise and sunset. The warm, almost orange light completes the colors surrounding you. Moreover, in the morning and in the evening you can have the chance to photograph haze, a special effect nature indulges you with.

If these aren’t good moments for you, don’t hesitate to take photos anytime. Autumn offers the best light of the year. The sun is milder, the weather is full of beautiful phenomena (clouds, mist, haze etc.).

Pay Attention to Details

Autumn is the season of rusty trees and golden leaf. True. But autumn has the most wonderful blue sky that makes a perfect contrast with all the yellow around. Autumn also has exquisite flowers and fruits, with strong colors and patterns. Take your telephoto lens and focus on the details. Autumn colors are perfect as background as well.

Use Filters

Two types of filters will give you the best experience with autumn colors. A polarizing filter will darken the sky and improve the contrast while enhancing the colors. By reducing the reflections of these bright colors, the polarizing filter is one of your best friends in autumn. We recommend the breakthrough photography polarizing filter found here.

The second one is the intensifier filter. Its main property is to enhance colors in the red-orange area of the spectrum. This one will give you striking colors without any post-processing method.

Don’t Forget the Sun

In autumn, the sun is the perfect source of light. But it can also be your subject. Notice how it likes to spread through the branches. It will not destroy your exposure when it is hidden like this. Try a star filter for a magical effect.

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