Photography and Rain

Photography and Rain Go Well Together

If you are one of the photographers who hang up their cameras on rainy days, you must reconsider your attitude. Rain is not a difficult weather condition. It’s an opportunity to take unique photographs, diversify your portfolio, and show the world your deepest and most honest emotions. So buy a rain cover for your camera and lens, put on a rain jacket yourself, and go outside to shoot amazing rain photographs.

Make the Weather Your Subject

If you are a nature photographer, a rainy day is your chance to try weather photography. Instead of going for your usual subject matter, turn your lens to rain and make it the star of your compositions. Rain provides various subjects, such as angry clouds, water curtains, rainbows, and even storms. The forest is foggy. Everything is covered in water drops. And this abundance of subjects is available only when it’s raining, improving your chances of getting a unique shot.

Photography and Rain

Photo by Halanna Halila on Unsplash

Capture Moody Snapshots

Rain changes the scene every couple of seconds. You need to be fast and efficient to capture moody snapshots of people walking in the rain, hurrying to get out of the streets, or contemplating the weather from the safety of their homes. Rain provides opportunities for moody street snapshots and artistic portraits, photographs of animals, and interior design pictures.

Try to capture the feeling of the moment. Some people get melancholic when it’s raining; others can’t wait to dance in the rain. Plants are happy and fresh when the sky blesses them with rain. Children may be sad because they can’t play outside anymore. Animals may be grateful they have a shelter. Everyone is different, so capture their uniqueness and authentic moments.

Photography and Rain

Photo by Keenan Barber on Unsplash

Get Close to Raindrops

Another benefit of taking photos on a rainy day is the opportunity to improve your technical skills by trying macro photography. Raindrops beautify all types of subject matter, from leaves and flowers to windows and other surfaces to people. They cause reflections that add depth and meaning to your photos. In a nutshell, raindrops make everything sparkling and more interesting.

However, raindrops are hard to capture, especially if you don’t master manual focusing. So this is your chance to learn and practice. Find a comfortable static subject and take lots of pictures until you are happy with the result.

Photography and Rain

Photo by Kumiko SHIMIZU on Unsplash


Everything you know about photography looks different in the rain. A simple long exposure transforms the scene into a mystical land. The sky requires more attention and may change how you apply the rule of thirds. Colors may look brighter or, on the contrary, lose saturation and blend in. Mundane objects may become extraordinarily beautiful. Landmarks may get lost in the fog. Everything is possible on a rainy day. Don’t waste the opportunity and take your best photographs.

Cover photo by Alp Duran on Unsplash

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