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How to make an interesting photo from a dull subject

There are days when everything around you seems dull. No spectacular views, no interesting people, no funny animals, not even the proper weather or lighting conditions. But as the beauty can sometimes be in the eyes of the viewer, so a good picture can be in the eyes and mind of the photographer. Besides, when you have a job and you have to give good results don’t matter what, you can not have any excuse. Here are some tips to deliver interesting photos even when your subject is not photogenic.


Using humor in photography is not a simple job. But if you are free to choose any theme for a photo session, humor is a good idea. First of all, everybody likes to laugh. Or at least to be amused. Secondly, humor has the talent of hiding ugly things, bad temper, and dull faces. Humor wraps your subjects in a playful mist and moves the attention from details to story.


When the subject does not help you, a technique will. Try to use techniques that deliver a good result even with a dull subject. Focus on shadows, lines, and thrill using black and white photography. Play around using creative effect camera lenses like Lensbaby. Use panning to add moving effects or put the light in front of the camera and look for silhouettes.


If you don’t manage to find something nice to picture, get closer. Maybe there are some details you can use. An ant seen really close can be a giant. Things change when you change the perspective. Even a wall can be something interesting if you get really close.


Some types of photography work very well on details. Think of a building, gray and massive, which will fill a picture without saying a story. If you take your time and watch it carefully, you can notice a symmetry or an interesting detail that can save the day. It’s the same with a face. People aren’t always beautiful, expressive or photogenic. But most of them have something special. A look in the eyes, a smile, a dimple, the lines of the eyebrows, freckles, a big nose. There is something special about them every time. Think like a psychologist and see like a photographer.

Post processing

It’s true that the best pictures are achieved on the spot, not in the post-processing studio. But sometimes, rules are made to be broken. Technology gives you enough software tools to play with. You can change colors, add filters, and enhance your picture. You can also play around more and use special effects. When your subject is in desperate need of a makeover, you are allowed to use a post-processing tool.

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