Classic Blue

Pantone Color of the Year 2020: Classic Blue

Color of the Year 2020: Classic Blue. Photography is subject to trends just like any other form of art. Social, political, and environmental issues affect the way we see the world. Trends in art and design affect the way people live and lifestyle changes affect photography as well. Plus, following the trends can boost sales especially in commercial, fashion, and stock photography. So even if you’re fully dedicated to your artwork, keeping up with trends and changes in the photography market can help you sell your pictures and have more clients.

Color of the Year

One of the most famous trends in design is given by the Pantone Color Institute in the form of the color of the year. For 2020, the prestigious institute has stated Classic Blue to be the color of the year. The announcement comes with a motivation, which captures the pulse of the moment:

“Instilling calm, confidence, and connection, this enduring blue hue highlights our desire for a dependable and stable foundation on which to build as we cross the threshold into a new era.” – Pantone Color Institute

The first change you’ll notice is in stock photography. Stock libraries are particularly sensitive to trends as they need to provide what their customers ask for. And because their clients are mostly from design and media industries, following the trends is crucial. Thus if you want to sell your pictures, now it’s time to include classic blue in your compositions.

Classic Blue

Photo by Ruvim Noga on Unsplash

Commercial, real estate, and fashion photography are also following the trends. Consider blue backgrounds instead of the classic white ones or use blue items in the décor. You may also want to take more pictures outside the studio and use a plain blue sky as a background. Use the blue hour for deeper colors and more dramatic atmospheres.

Classic Blue

Classic blue is a natural color and you can easily use it for landscapes (deep waters, the sky at blue hour), nature photography (blue flowers), or portraits (enhance blue eyes, use blue make-up and accessories). Even a soft touch of blue will give your photos a modern air and will prove that you’re connected and informed.

Cover photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels

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